Easy Decorating Ideas

Adding decoration, either some wallpaper or perhaps a splash of colour with some paint or colourful collection pieces are just some ideas that can make a big difference when you want to change your décor, without demanding too much time or effort. Here we list our room decoration ideas for you to consider:

Dining room table display

If you have a dining table, a display of collectables can have a dramatic effect. A collection of coloured glass vases or stone sculptures are some decoration ideas. The pieces do not have to match, but they should complement each other.

Interior curtains

Hanging a linen curtain on a track that spans your kitchen, can be useful for concealing preparations when you are hosting a meal. Interior curtains are not just a decoration, they add an extra layer of insulation in the winter months.


Mix and match bedding

Mix faded batik prints with bold strips with different textures of silk, hessian and cotton. Make a patchwork quilt from old clothes for a unique and cosy decoration.

Put an antique in the bathroom

Fit a bath that is authentic to the period of the house, whilst also being clean and modern. A free-standing roll-top tub with new brass faucets and a gold framed large mirror will add glamour.

Cover a wall with plates

Covering an entire wall with plates has the same effect as one big piece of art, though you don’t have to limit your decoration ideas to plates. A gallery of old photographs creates a talking point.

Paint an inexpensive piece of furniture white

You can add inexpensive pieces of furniture from a yard sale, school fund-raiser or from Craigslist and give it a fresh new look. One decoration idea is to take an old table and paint the base with high-gloss white.

Table & Chairs

Move seating away from the walls

Placing sofas and chairs way from the walls of your room creates a more intimate feel, giving you a chance to section off other areas of the room for you to add other decoration ideas from your personal collections.

Reupholster furniture with old curtains

Upcycle and keep a part of your home decoration history by reupholstering furniture with old curtains for a new look. This is a nod to the past, yet will give your room a new look without much cost.

Dress up hallways with runners

Hallways deserve good decoration. Ideas include vintage rugs and carpets. A faded, tattered rug is instantly bohemian. Horizontal stripes on a rug help a narrow hallway feel wider. A long rug, which runs the length of a long hallway, has a dramatic impact. If you cannot find a rug that is long enough, try sewing several of the same rugs together to create a faux runner.

Float art on a bookshelf

Room decoration ideas include adding texture to a room. You can do this by placing a canvas artwork in front of your bookshelf, a place you do not usually see paintings hang.

Kitchen Design

Contrast colors on open shelves

If you have neutral colored open shelving in your kitchen, one of the fastest and easiest décor changes is to add contrasting dinner or cookware items for a dramatic look.

Casual dining chairs

Decoration ideas to make your dining room have a more casual atmosphere include removing your formal chairs and replace with a mix of rustic wood or metal chairs. Or mix it up with chairs on one side of the table and a bench on the other.

Paint update

Create a subtle, yet stylish decoration statement by painting the lower half of a wall grey whilst leaving the top half white. Other ideas are to paint the back of your built-in shelves a bold colour to create a dramatic difference to the room.

Incorporate some modern flair

If you like to keep decoration tradition, replacing just one piece of furniture in an otherwise totally traditional living room with something modern, like an acrylic coffee table, will change the feel of the room instantly.

Turn your floors blue

Have a bright blue floor in the bathroom to create a room where you can completely relax in the tub and will not want to leave.